grasslin eco save


The Powersaver Dual bridges the gap between the bulky, aged
electromechanical immersion controllers and the complicated ‘bells &
whistles’ digital versions.
A set of pre-selectable programs are there to chose from- covering all of the low rate electricity tariffs, including Economy 7, Economy 10 & Eco 20:20 times. Turn the Installer Switch to the program of choice (refer to Installation and User Instructions) and times will be set. The review button allows ON/OFF times to be checked & there is automatic GMT/BST changeover.
There is a ½ hour, 1 hour & 2 hour boost function with a digital display
countdown clock, allowing the user to clearly see boost times. There is also
a programmable boost function for further end user convenience; this
program is deliberately limited to a maximum of 2 hours, meaning expensive electricity is not being wasted during peak times.
Suitable for Single, Twin & Dual element immersion heaters.